Pulsed Phase Noise Measurements: Challenges and Solutions

Audio White Paper

Available On Demand until June 8, 2018

Thanks to advances in digital signal processing techniques, wireless communications and radar systems have become increasingly digital. Constraints have also been placed on packing more information into less bandwidth. For both systems, one of the key RF parameters that limits performance is phase noise.  

As more advanced RF systems are developed, phase noise of oscillators and transmitters can no longer be overlooked. There are many issues that complicate phase noise measurements of pulsed carriers. What’s needed in RF and microwave phase noise measurement applications is a new level of performance. By moving the processing of phase noise from traditional analog phase detectors to a DSP-based digital frequency discriminator, it’s possible to develop a solution that has improved sensitivity as well as simplified system set-up and calibration.  

This 10-minute audio-visual presentation looks at phase noise measurements for pulsed RF carriers, such as those used for radar systems, and the capabilities of a new FSWP phase noise analyzer that can be used for any RF and microwave application involved in pulsed carrier and continuous waveform phase noise measurements.  

Viewers will be able to submit questions and download a new Rohde & Schwarz white paper filled with detailed information and illustrations. 



Lisa Arrigo, Tech Briefs Media Group

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