4 Steps to Retain Drivers and Keep the Wheels Rolling

It’s harder to find drivers — especially good, safe drivers — than ever, which makes it more important than ever to keep them once you’ve found them. Heavy Duty Trucking Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge will explore four ways to do just that, with the help of one fleet’s driver retention expert and sponsor Compli. We’ll look at four areas:

1. How to do onboarding right — and do it efficiently

2. Training drivers without wasting their time and your money

3. Why ongoing communication is key to a driver-centric corporate culture

4. Keeping drivers safe for their sake and yours

Learn how a mix of technology and personal attention can help you retain drivers without breaking the bank.

Meet the speakers...

Deborah Lockridge
Editor in Chief
Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine

Debbie Landry
Director of Driver Services
Halvor Lines, Inc.

John Piper
Sales Director, Transportation

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