European Real Estate: A “New World” of Risks and Opportunities

Wed, Jun 7, 2017 2:02 PM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}

Despite the political turmoil of 2016 and ongoing headline risks surrounding high-profile elections, European economies have generally proven their resilience in recent years. Hear why investors should be thinking about "Old World" property now.

The region’s real estate markets remain in relatively healthy condition, offering continued opportunities for investors. But risks remain, and will likely impact individual country markets differently. These include the fallout from Brexit and other threats to the European Union, the specter of rising rates, technological disruptions, societal shifts and changing regulatory regimes. Does Macron’s French election now mean the skies are clearing for European economic recovery; if so, how will that recovery impact European real estate markets? Is London’s global financial center and global gateway status really under threat? What can local city supply/demand dynamics, pricing, and capital availability tell us?

Our panel will explore the "new world" of opportunities and risks presented by these changing market dynamics with a focus on:

  • Western European real estate markets
  • Direct equity investment across the risk spectrum
  • BASEL III, its impact on real estate financing markets and emerging opportunities in debt

Join Barings Real Estate Advisers for a discussion of the opportunities and risks facing investors today in European real estate markets.


Gunther Deutsch
Managing Director & Head of Real Estate Transactions – Europe
Chris Bates
Head of Real Estate Finance – Europe
Paul Stewart
Director, Real Estate Research & Strategy - Europe
J.D. Sitton, CFA

Head of Real Estate Investor Relations
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