Thermal Management Solutions for Medical Devices

On Demand Available until June 14, 2018

Designers for powered medical devices are facing many new challenges. Devices are becoming smaller and more powerful, which is good, but certainly creates thermal management issues. If these devices get too hot, there can be safety issues for both the care giver and patient. Moreover, overheated devices can perform poorly or not all.

This free 30-minute Webinar will explore solutions that ACT has developed for medical products including use of heat pipes, vapor chambers and PCM heat sinks. We’ll review these technologies and examine some applications where they have been successfully implemented. These technologies are providing similar thermal management benefits in many other applications as well, including the military, avionics, lighting, and energy sectors. Anyone dealing with thermal management issues in the medical device industry and beyond are encouraged to register.

For more information on the presented active thermal technologies, please visit


Pete Ritt, VP, Sales and Marketing, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Pete Ritt is Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. Mr. Ritt joined ACT in 2010 to head ACT’s Technical Services business. During this time the group has successfully provided thermal consulting, design and prototyping solutions to commercial customers in the lighting, renewable energy, industrial equipment, medical industries. Throughout his career Mr. Ritt has successfully managed numerous new technology projects in a variety of industries. He is a former RCA executive where he was responsible for developing technologies and products for commercialization in the consumer electronics industry. He also commercialized household goods products while an executive at Woodstream Corp. He has been granted over 20 patents and holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Shippensburg University.

Darren Campo, Lead Product Development Engineer, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Darren Campo is Lead Engineer in the Custom Products Group. He works directly with customers to conceptualize, design, and analyze thermal solutions for electronics, medical, temperature calibration, renewable energy, and other technical markets. With 5 years of thermal design experience at ACT, he has taken on numerous projects that have required strong thermal and mechanical design skills and hands on management to developing these designs into prototypes and deliverable units. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

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