Inside the Cockpit: How TE brings Fighter Jet Technology to Race Cars

Available On Demand until May 17, 2018

Racing cars are a really tough environment. A racing car that’s comfortable for the driver is a slow car, so niceties like suspension travel get sacrificed for speed. However, that means all the other parts on the car have to withstand this environment. As weight is a critical element, the challenge is to make products smaller and lighter, but able to withstand vibration and heat. 

As there was no point in re-inventing technology, we took military standards and designs as our starting point, and launched into another world, where camouflage is replaced by brightly colored sponsor logos, but under the bodywork, electronics see a harder life than in a fighter jet.


Paul Webb, Global Product Manager, Autosport, TE Connectivity Aerospace, Defense, and Marine

Paul Webb is the global product manager for Autosport for TE Connectivity’s (TE) Aerospace, Defense and Marine business unit. With more than 15 years of experience in the global motorsport industry, Paul has developed the TE DEUTSCH products from a small demand from Formula 1 autosport to a market leader in interconnection solutions on all professional racing series.

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