The Lure of Multi-Asset Strategies

Wed, May 3, 2017 2:01 PM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}

Are stock prices too high? When will interest rates move sustainably higher? Are we facing a long period of economic and market uncertainty that could sap investor confidence? With these and other questions swirling through investors’ minds, multi-asset managers are stepping in to calm the frayed nerves. And while a concise definition of multi-asset investing remains elusive, managers agree that diversification is a critical component that makes the strategy valuable.

Join us for this webinar to explore what makes multi-asset investment strategies tick and why today’s investment environment is a good time to consider using them as component of a broad portfolio strategy. Our panel of experts will discuss the opportunity set that multi-asset strategies offer, how institutional investors should think about – and measure – them, and what to look for in a multi-asset manager.

Specifically, the panel will address:

  • The importance of dynamic asset allocation in today’s world
  • How multi-asset strategies take diversification to another level
  • How to benchmark multi-asset strategies
  • Constructing and managing a multi-asset portfolio
  • Where managers see investment opportunity

In addition, the panel will take questions from the audience.


Justin H. Bourgette, CFA
Associate Director of Customized Solutions
and Portfolio Manager
Eaton Vance Management
Danielle Singer, CFA
Portfolio Director
Joseph McDonnell, CFA
Managing Director
Solutions & Multi-Asset Group
Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Edward L. Campbell, CFA
Managing Director
and Portfolio Manager
Johanna Kyrklund, CFA
Global Head of Multi-Asset Investments


Greg Crawford
Director, Content Solutions
Pensions & Investments

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