Technical Webinar Series from the Editors of TBMG: Integrating Motion Control for Safe Robot Operation

Available On Demand until May 10, 2018

Manufacturing is changing. Robots and autonomous systems are used in more and more applications every day – many in safety-critical settings. No longer are robots kept in cages; they are working side-by-side with their human co-workers. Ensuring the safety of both robots and humans is vital and must be addressed early in the design stage. Designing robots for these safety-critical applications requires careful consideration of all aspects of the system, including proper motion control technologies that enable robots to maneuver in tight spaces originally designed for humans. Modifying standards for robot safety and human/robot interaction also must be a continuous process as these systems "learn." 

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentations.


Joe Falco, Engineer, Intelligent Systems Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Joe Falco is an engineer in the Intelligent Systems Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) within the U.S. Department of Commerce. His most recent work has been performed within the NIST Robotics Systems for Smart Manufacturing Program and is focused on robot standards and performance metrics in the areas of safety, manipulation, grasping, and human-robot interaction. Joe is a member of the BSR/RIA R15 Robot Standards Approval Committee and ISO TC184/SC2 WG 3 working group for industrial robot safety. He holds a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Massachusetts and an MS in computer science from Johns Hopkins University.

Brian Dengel, General Manager, KHK

Gearing executive Brian Dengel has been KHK’s General Manager since 2015, managing the operations of sales and technical support for KHK gears in North America. Previously, he worked for Designatronics in various positions including Director of Value Streams, Assistant Vice President and General Manager of the company’s Quality Transmission Components division, and Product Manager of the All Metric Small Parts division, where he oversaw the daily operations of this start-up division. Brian has a bachelor’s degree in engineering sciences from Hofstra University.


Lisa Arrigo, Tech Briefs Media Group

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