Dynamic Pricing – Separating Fact from Fiction


In an effort to stay afloat in today’s ever-changing and fiercely competitive retail landscape, retailers are running their margins into the ground with never-ending price breaks and unprofitable promotions.

Join Retail Leader, EKN Research and Revionics as we explore findings from a recent research study, The Dynamic Pricing War, and share insight that provides a framework for driving profitable growth in this fiercely competitive climate.

Among the topics that will be explored during this 60-minute webinar are:

  • The art of margin preservation in an era of price transparency.
  • Keeping pace with rapidly shifting consumer preferences.
  • Dynamic pricing: hype or reality?
  • How your customers view the use of science and increased speed of price changes.
  • Dynamic pricing beyond ecommerce.
  • How retailers can transition to a more agile and responsive price approach.
  • Managing the pace of change in competitive prices, both online and in brick-and-mortar.


Sahir Anand, 

Principal Analyst and VP, Research,
EKN Research

Cheryl Sullivan, 

Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer,

Moderator: Mike Troy
Retail Leader

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