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IBM Systems Media On-Demand Webinar Center

Welcome to IBM Systems Media On-Demand Webinar Event Center!

Enjoy endless education at your fingertips with our full library of free, expert-led webinars.

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Lack of Millennial Mainframers? How to Bridge the Gap
Content by Model9
We'll discuss how to attract more young talent to mainframe shops by training and educating the young generation through creative concepts, introducing innovation through modern technologies, taking advantage of existing communities to share knowledge and brainstorm, and more!

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Struggling to Incorporate the Mainframe Into Your Agile Development Process?
Content by BMC Software
Discover how to seamlessly integrate Db2 on z/OS into your agile development process to allow self-service change management to application developers or to simply enforce best practices for each test and prod system and streamline the database change processes.

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Benefits of Incorporating a Cloud Management Platform
Content by Connectria
In a multi-cloud world, you need a tool that gives you visibility and control of all your cloud resources. Join us to learn how you can manage all of your resources from a single platform and the benefits of doing so.

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Mainframe Integration: What Are You Waiting For?
Content by GT Software
In this webinar we'll discuss the best time to integrate your applications, along with tools that can help you integrate your mainframe. Hear real-world examples of companies that now rely on real-time integrations for critical business decision making.

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How to Transition to Git on IBM i
Content by ARCAD Software
This webinar will explore Git methodologies for IBM i development: one for teams already familiar with GitFlow branching, and a second more controlled version workflow preferred by traditional teams. Featuring customer case studies, we will demonstrate best practices in managing the transition to DevOps and Git on IBM i.

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Batch to the Future: Modernize, Automate and Optimize Your Batch for the Future Generation
Content by Compuware
Your batch processing keeps your business running. Is your senior leadership paying enough attention to it? What will happen when your batch experts retire? Now is the time to craft your batch strategy to automate, optimize and modernize your batch processing before it becomes a serious business liability.

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How to Prevent FTP and ODBC Data Breaches on IBM i
Content by HelpSystems
Modern interfaces like FTP and ODBC bypass menu security. Understanding the power and openness of these interfaces is critical for ensuring the integrity of the server’s application data. Join this webinar to learn how to close “back doors” not covered by traditional security schemes. We'll explain exit point security and why this little-understood topic is so important.

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Go Dashboarding With Db2 Web Query
Content by Information Builders
You own licenses already. Did you know you can easily deploy amazing looking dashboards to your management and user community? This session will cover different methods and considerations, and some how-to info as well!

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Best Practices for Terminal Emulator Deployment
Content by Rocket Software
Your relationship with your current terminal emulator vendor is on the ropes, but you’re worried that migrating to a new vendor will be too much trouble. How do you go about replacing your solution? Where do you even start? Join us to learn how to deploy a new terminal emulator without disruption.

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Adding Professional Services for Sure-Fire Project Success
Content by Profound Logic
Join us for this webinar as we discuss how a successful professional services engagement helps avoid common pitfalls, how to go beyond modernization with digital transformation and why the services partner you choose is so important.

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Is Your Mainframe Monitor Holding You Back?
Content by BMC Software
This webinar examines ways in which you should be receiving value from your monitor leading to business efficiency and fewer headaches for you.

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Redefining Robotic Process Automation for Host-Based Applications
Content by Rocket Software
Join us to learn how Rocket's modernization solutions can address the shortcomings of RPA to transform host-based logic into APIs that link directly into RPA tools.

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The Many Faces of Mobile App Development
Content by LANSA
Walk away from this webinar knowing how to reduce the complexity of cumbersome and time-consuming mobile app development and discover a fast, easy and cost-effective strategy for delivering a wide range of mobile applications using a single skillset and platform.

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Putting CICS on Your SIEM Dashboards
Content by HostBridge Technology
This webinar includes a demo of how the HostBridge Transaction Analytics Connector (HTAC) puts CICS performance data on SIEM dashboards by enriching SMF records with correlation data, providing powerful insights that can help save mainframe cycles and costs.

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IBM i Credit Card Processing—Curb Credit Card Chaos
Content by Curbstone
If you’re processing credit card transactions on IBM i, join us to learn how to curb credit card chaos and send high quality transactions that will reduce extra charges so you’ll pay lower processing fees.

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The Comprehensive Toolkit for Fast, Easy and Low-Risk Modernization
Content by Rocket Software
Join us to learn how to provide secure mobile access to all your existing applications in just days, create modern user experiences with little or no coding and generate highly-functional, secure APIs in minutes.

More Information
Closing Your Mainframe Security Gap
Content by BMC Software
Join us for an informative session to debunk three key myths about mainframe security and learn some innovative techniques to protect your mainframe data, stay in compliance and modernize your mainframe to stay ahead of the curve.

More Information
Disaster Recovery for AIX and Linux on POWER
Content by Storix, Inc.
We’ll discuss the different challenges administrators face when performing bare-metal recovery, and provide a reliable alternative for protecting your physical and virtual Linux servers, including Linux on POWER.

More Information
What's Going on in Your 4HRA?
Content by Syncsort
Join us to learn how to assess what's driving peaks in your four hour rolling average (4HRA), five advantages of offloading workloads to zIIP engines and examples of Fortune 500 companies maximizing their mainframe through zIIP exploitation.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation Using APIs and Microservices
Content by Rocket Software
Join for an in-depth look at APIs and microservices, and the immediate impact these technologies can have to turn legacy applications into building blocks for new revenue-generating activities and digital customer experiences.

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Terminal Emulation Should Be Part of Your Mainframe Security Strategy
Content by Rocket Software
Join us as we discuss modern mainframe security trends and the steps you can take to secure often-overlooked mainframe weaknesses.

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