Transmission Solutions to Optimize Future Powertrain Efficiency

Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 2:00 pm U.S. EDT

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This 30-minute Webinar explores an innovative technology that delivers a continuously variable transmission (CVT) without the traditional limitations. Eliminating the belts and pulleys used in conventional CVTs, the technology features a unique planetary coaxial configuration that enables more than 300 transmission configuration possibilities, improving fuel economy by 5-10 percent.

VariGlide® planetary variator technology for beltless CVTs represents a logical answer for OEMs looking to meet 2025 fuel economy targets. Developed as a modular, bolt-in solution, the variator provides a flexible, highly adaptable, power-dense alternative that integrates into existing FWD, AWD, and RWD vehicle configurations. The scalable nature of this technology provides solutions for vehicle architectures ranging from subcompacts to pickups and from internal combustion to hybrid powertrains. Custom prototypes are being developed for OEMs that exceed efficiency, durability, and power capacity expectations.

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentations.



Gordon McIndoe, Technical Expert Transmission Systems, Light Vehicle Driveline Technologies, Dana Inc.

Gordon McIndoe is the Technical Expert of Transmission Systems for the Light Vehicle Driveline Technologies group at Dana. He has over 35 years of experience in the design and development of passenger car and truck transmissions. He joined the group’s Powertrain Innovations organization in 2014 to focus on the development of the VariGlide® beltless CVT technology for automotive use. Prior to joining Dana, Gordon worked for 15 years for Tremec Transmission where he was involved in the design and development of various transmissions, including manual, automated manual, dual clutch, and toroidal transmissions. Previous to Tremec, he worked at the Spicer Transmission division of Dana where he worked in the design and development of medium- and heavy-duty truck transmissions. Gordon holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering technology from Purdue University and an M.S. in mechanical engineering from Toledo University.


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International

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