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Giving Insiders Access: Make Sure Front and Back Doors are Locked

Thursday, March 30, 2017
Time: 11 am EDT

Duration: 60 Minutes

There’s no question the security of power plants is a major issue for today’s plant owners and operators.

Certain individuals or groups are willing to go to great lengths to pilfer your company’s information and assets. This universal and everlasting truth should be at the forefront when planning and executing protective security measures.

Contractors and vendors are ubiquitous: they work across departments, can enter multiple buildings, and have access to most systems. However, given the pace at which business runs, these workers often aren’t vetted as thoroughly as an organization’s own regular, full-time employees.

Furthermore, when security processes are run internally they distract from a company’s core mission, drain more resources than is warranted, and often are not effective. This costs companies billions, diminishes brand equity and, in some cases, can even harm national security.

An emerging approach promises to counter these threats: Vendor-Led Security Management.

This webinar will help participants understand how to determine their companies might benefit from Vendor-Led Security management based on a review of the questions below. We will also provide insights on how this approach works.

What you will learn:
Key questions for companies to explore include:
  • Does my organization have a system in place to properly vet employees, contractors and vendors before they are granted access?
  • Are these populations subject to continuous vetting by the contractors themselves or by my organization?
  • Are contractors satisfied with our requirements, even if they lead to duplicative work for other companies they serve?
  • Can I learn quickly, and at low cost, whether access was denied by other companies to contractors and vendors trying to get a credential from my organization?
  • Am I able to stay current with advances in security, even though a lot of my time is spent on software and hardware patches?
Answering “no" to any of the above questions suggests that the organization in question must take additional steps to properly mitigate internal risk: risk that represents a significant source of reported data breaches across the globe.

Who should attend:
  • Plant Managers
  • Information Security Officers
  • IT Security Engineers
  • Security Systems Administrators
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers

Hear from this expert:

Justin P. Oberman
Justin P. Oberman is Vice President, Identity Strategy at SureID. Justin has 15 years of experience in the industry, including as employee #3 at TSA after 9/11. His task is to craft and explain SureID’s value proposition for new potential clients in the private and public sectors.


Matt Grant
Matt Grant serves as Publisher for POWER, the largest leading global brand in the power generation industry with print, online, e-newsletters, videos, webinars, and conference offerings. He currently oversees the sales, marketing, and content efforts for POWER, an Access Intelligence brand, and began his career with the company in 2006 in sales. Matt has been directly involved in the development of numerous e-media initiatives that derive from or enhance traditional media. He holds a BA from Texas A&M University.
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