Conquering Radar Signal Generation

On Demand Available until April 25, 2018

This Webinar will focus on the challenges related to the creation and generation of complex radar signals and provide you with some tools to help make this task more efficient. This 60-minute webinar features Tektronix expert Christopher Skach, who will share his insights on the key factors to consider when creating and generating these complex signals. 

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • Why radar signals are particularly difficult to create and generate.
  • Methods that will help reduce the issues of writing and debugging one’s own signal generation code which can introduce errors, is difficult to maintain long term, and is tough to troubleshoot.
  • How specific waveform generation tools can improve efficiencies and speed up the overall testing time.
  • The benefits of how specific software can remove the time required to learn all the features of the hardware used.


Christopher Skach, Applications Engineer, Source Analyzer Product Line, Tektronix, Inc.

Mr. Skach is an Applications Engineer for Tektronix Inc.’s Source Analyzer Product Line in Beaverton Oregon. He is the product applications engineer for Signal Source products such as Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs), Vector Signal Generators (VSGs) and Real Time Spectrum Analyzers (RTSAs). Mr. Skach received his BSEE in electronics from Oregon Institute of Technology and has been instrumental in the design and support of Signal Source, Spectrum Analyzer and Oscilloscope products during his 38 years at Tektronix. His expertise enables him to work closely with many application specific technologies including advanced research, Radar, Optical Communications and High Speed Serial applications. He has also worked with many forums including Quantum Qubit research, Coherent Optical and Serial Data standard consortiums. He has helped define compliance testing methodologies for many communication standards and written many papers on such topics as Method of Implementation (MOI) for standards such as SATA, USB3.0 and HDMI

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