Introduction to Machine Vision: Definitions, Components, Benefits, Applications

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Whether you’re involved in designing a machine vision system for quality or process control in a factory application or one embedded in an automotive safety system, for retail analytics or trash collection, grasping the fundamentals of machine vision can help accelerate the development process.

In this presentation, John will provide an introduction to machine vision including basic definitions, benefits, applications, components, and will answer common questions such as:

What is machine vision?
What can machine vision do?
How does machine vision work?
What are the parts of a vision system?
What are the different machine vision system types and platforms?

Additionally, the webcast will conclude with a question and answer period.

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John Lewis
Editor in Chief
Vision Systems Design

John Lewis is Editor in Chief of Vision Systems Design. For more than 20 years he has been writing about machine vision and other technology topics. He brings more than two decades of industry experience and technical expertise to engineers and systems integrators developing machine vision and image process systems. Throughout his career John has had dozens of articles on machine vision published in high-tech journals, and was also a technical editor for Design News, covering automation, machine vision, and other engineering topics.

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