Why Your Leak Test Doesn’t Measure Up – and What Data Can Do About It

Audio White Paper

Available On Demand until March 23, 2018

The struggle to test for and address leaks that lead to faulty parts isn’t new, but rising expectations for product quality are adding to the importance of today’s leak test. There are so many variables and potential points of failure that can skew the accuracy and consistency of the test. By making the test “smarter” with sensors, software, and analytics, you can manage variables faster and more reliably. Data is the key to the insight needed to take action when it’s required and maintain output at the highest standard of quality. This is the essence of Industry 4.0. 

Examining both leak testing and digital process signature analysis, this online presentation helps you answer the question: Is your leak test “smart” enough? It discusses the waveform or digital process signature and the importance of collecting the right data. The 10-minute program also explains what the waveform can tell you in terms of continuous process improvement and what you can learn from leak test data. 

Viewers will be able to submit questions and download a new Sciemetric e-Book that contains detailed information and examples related to digital process signature analysis and how it can improve your leak test. 

Presented By:

Lisa Arrigo, SAE International

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