Create Conditions that Inspire Brilliance: Optimizing Adaptive Learning

Tue, Mar 14, 2017 2:00 PM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}

For students who struggle to read at grade level, 1:1 instruction is most effective, but teachers lack the time to differentiate instruction to meet individual needs in real time. How can teachers and administrators disrupt the traditional status quo and create a classroom that inspires brilliance?

Adaptive learning has been around for decades. We’re discovering new ways to bring how students learn, the crucial role of the teacher in the classroom, and the power of adaptive technology together to create an optimal learning environment.

Join Sandi Everlove, Chief Learning Officer of Enlearn, and Laura Boothe, fourth grade teacher at Seatack Elementary School in Virginia Beach, VA, as they share strategies and best practices for creating a new atmosphere of learning with next-generation adaptive learning. Velocity, 1:1 ELA instruction for grades K-5, optimizes learning by providing the best and most effective instruction for each individual student. You’ll walk away from this webinar recognizing the importance of the teacher’s involvement in adaptive learning, and how to empower your teachers to provide individualized instruction for every learner.

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Featured Speakers:

Sandi Everlove, Chief Learning Officer

Laura Boothe, Fourth grade teacher
Seastack Elementary

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