From nSolver™ to iPathwayGuide: Extended Analysis of nCounter® Gene Expression Data

On Demand

In this joint-webinar presentation, we will take you through an entire workflow of analyzing differential gene expression data generated with NanoString® Technology’s PanCancer Pathways Panel and interpreting it using Advaita Bioinformatics’ iPathwayGuide application.

During this webinar, the speakers will discuss:
-Overview of benefits of using NanoString Technologies nCounter platform
-Importing raw RCC files into nSolver 3.0
-Calculating pair-wise ratio data in nSolver 3.0
-Exporting data from nSolver 3.0 and importing data into iPathwayGuide
-Overview of benefits to using Advaita’s iPathwayGuide
-How to quickly select for significant DE Genes
-Interpretation for Genes, miRNAs, GO terms, Pathways, and Diseases
-Comparing multiple analyses via Meta-Analysis
-Live Q & A

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