How Digital Image Correlation Impacts Design

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 2:00 pm U.S. EST

If you want to analyze the deformation of an object under load, you may reach for a handful of strain gauges and similar sensors. But there is a better way to assess load response. 

Rather than directly instrumenting the object you want to study, you can use Digital Image Correlation (DIC) techniques to measure deformation optically with high-speed cameras and specialized software. DIC has traditionally been used in automotive, aerospace and defense applications, but its influence continues to grow in other industries thanks to ongoing ease-of-use improvements to both the cameras and the software. 

In this Webinar, we’ll examine an interesting DIC application in which researchers evaluated the effect of impact forces on different football helmet designs. The DIC setup and results from this study have implications off the gridiron and can be extended to impact testing in many other settings.


Doreen Clark, Senior Product Manager, Vision Research

Doreen Clark is a Senior Product Manager at Vision Research, where she focuses on high-speed cameras and their applications in the research, defense and industrial communities. She has worked in new technology and product development for Exelis, Lockheed Martin and Universal Instruments. Doreen holds an MBA from the Yale University School of Management.

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