MicroRNAs as bile-based biomarkers for biliary tract cancers using nCounter® miRNA Expression Assay

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Pancreatic cancer has a poor prognosis mainly because patients present non-specific symptoms and this leads to a late detection. It is characterized by local invasion and early metastasis and the only effective treatment is surgery; however, only 20% of patients benefit from it. Many studies have identified a panel of microRNAs (miRNAs) that could discriminate healthy individuals from pancreatic cancer patients. However, there are just a few publications regarding miRNAs in bile. The aim of this study was to detect pancreatic cancer at an early stage. Therefore, we used bile fluid because of its proximity to the malignant lesion and looked for miRNAs given their stability and resistance to degradation. RNA was isolated from 58 bile samples (benign n=14; chronic pancreatitis n=3; PDAC n=24; IPMN cancer n=8; cholangiocarcinoma n=6, and ampullary cancer n=3) and it was analyzed using nCounter® miRNA Expression Assay. Preliminary results show several up- and down-regulated miRNAs that might be used as classifiers of pancreatic cancer and/or diagnostic biomarkers.

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