Demystifying lubrication in bearing applications

Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016 at 11 a.m. PT/1 p.m. CT/2 p.m. ET
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This webcast will discuss the different methods of lubrication that are available for mounted ball bearings weighing their merits, drawbacks, and practicality. Typical processing plants have many different environments which require different levels of maintenance and cleaning. This webcast will also cover how to choose the proper bearing features to maximize reliability and uptime while balancing costs.

Learning Objectives:
  • How lubrication works in deep groove ball bearings
  • How to select the right type of lubrication for your application
  • What features you need to maximize reliability for your application.
Presenter: Dave Kaunitz, Product Manager for Baldor-Dodge Ball Bearings, Baldor Electric Company

Dave Kaunitz, Product Manager for Baldor-Dodge Ball Bearings at Baldor Electric Company, has more than 16 years in the industry with experience in power transmission system design and engineering support for conveyor OEM’s and users in various industries. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Moderator: Bob Vavra, Content Manager & Moderator, Plant Engineering

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