Best Practices: Why Compliance Should Matter to Print and Mail Operations of Every Size

Tue, Nov 8, 2016 2:00 PM EST{LOCAL_TZ}

Presented by:
Elizabeth Gooding, President of Insight Forums

Moderated by:
Amanda Armendariz, Editor, Mailing Systems Technology

Acting according to a set of rules is a fact of doing business, whether those rules are enforced by a regulatory body, a standards organization, or your immediate manager. As more aspects of printing and mailing organizations require handling customer data, organizations face a spate of new rules that impact everything from client contracts to production processes. Failing to comply with those rules opens a business to many risks; however, understanding the rules and the fact that your clients are facing the same issues can bring many rewards.

Join Elizabeth Gooding, President of Insight Forums, as she discusses key compliance issues facing print and mail operations. She’ll look at the nature of risk that mail and print organizations face, the economic cost resulting from non-compliance, and best practices that can be implemented today to improve your mail and print operations. We’ll also have a brief case study from a client who is actively managing compliance within their print and mail operations.


Elizabeth Gooding, President of Insight Forums
Elizabeth Gooding researches and writes about the intricacies of communications strategy in complex and highly regulated industries such as financial services, insurance, and healthcare. Her consulting practice helps clients, particularly those in the evolving print industry, to discover and implement marketing and customer communication strategies that work for their specific industry stakeholders.

Previously, Elizabeth was the president and CEO of Art Plus Technology, a top tier information design firm with the first Software-as-Services platform for investor account communications.

She co-authored “The Designer’s Guide to Inkjet,” which has received several awards since its release in 2015. Elizabeth received her B.S. degree in Economics from Northeastern University and continues to learn at every opportunity.

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