Validation of Material Models: Study of Joining and Assembly Systems for Thermoset and Thermoplastic Composite Materials

Available On-Demand until November 10, 2017

This 30-minute Webinar presents an overview of a four-year study that is a cooperative agreement between the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Automotive Materials Partnership. The objective of this $7 million partnership is to validate and assess the ability of physics-based material models to predict crash performance of automotive primary load-carrying carbon fiber composite structures.

The Webinar focuses on the joining of the front bumper and crush-can system components. The speaker panel will examine: joining approach and design, adhesive selection, joining procedure, and an assessment of the joining technology.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and download additional resources.


Arthur Cawley, Group Leader, Dow Automotive Systems

As a Group Leader for Dow Automotive Systems, Arthur Cawley is responsible for plastics bonding technical service and development. During his 27 years with Dow, Art has developed a number of multi-material bonding systems that are currently specified for front-end modules, composite parts, and glass systems, to name a few. He has won industry recognition for several adhesive solutions, including the R&D 100, SPE, and PACE. Art graduated from William Paterson University in New Jersey with a degree in chemistry.

Dr. Manish Mehta, Ph.D., USAMP VMM Project Manager, President, M-Tech International LLC

Dr. Manish Mehta is President of M-Tech International LLC, an Ann Arbor-based global consultancy in strategic planning and manufacturing research management. He has 25 years’ experience in organizing, financing, and managing technology ventures and cross-industry collaborations involving high-risk, high-payoff research and pilot demonstrations. Manish has organized and managed multi-partner lightweighting research and standardization projects in metals and composites under subcontract with the U.S. Council for Automotive Research and its affiliated consortia, such as the U.S. Automotive Materials Partnership (USAMP), and serves as the Technical Project Manager for the U.S. Department of Energy-sponsored Validation of Material Models for Crash Modeling of Carbon Fiber Composites. Manish obtained his MS and Ph.D. degrees in industrial engineering from the University of Cincinnati. He is a Fellow of the Engineering Society of Detroit (2004) and ASM International (2016).


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International

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