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59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text --Forbes Insight

If you need your message heard, then don’t rely on PowerPoint slides or lengthy emails. Make sure you get your point across with video. Join this democast to see under the hood of PGi’s powerful video narration software: iMeet Narrate. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes tour and learn:

  • How to easily create and deploy video narrated messages: with slides or without.
  • Applying iMeet Narrate’s analytics to understand engagement with your video messages.
  • Use cases for Sales, Marketing, Corporate Communications, HR, IT and Executives.

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Meet the Presenters:

Kirsten Nantz, Product Manager, PGi

Kirsten Nantz is leading the charge for PGi’s newest solution for anyone that needs to communicate more effectively and engage more thoroughly: iMeet Narrate. She is the resident expert for the tool’s user interface and functionality. Connect with Kirsten on LinkedIn.

Christine Pavalon, Vice President of Sales at PGi

Christine Pavalon is the Vice President of Sales at PGi, the world’s largest dedicated provider of collaboration software and services. In the collaboration industry for the last 15 years, Christine began her career as a web conferencing specialist and joined PGi five years ago, quickly advancing to Vice President of Sales. Christine currently leads a top-performing team of 15 sales managers and account executives, driving revenue for the company through new customer acquisition in the central region of the country, and Canada. Christine lives in the Chicago area with her husband and three daughters. Connect with Christine on LinkedIn.

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