Using Surface Analysis for Automotive Applications

On Demand Available until September 22, 2017

Materials used in the construction of automobiles have become more advanced along with the breadth of analytical challenges. The surface or layer chemistry of automotive materials is of considerable importance, from understanding the appearance of the paint finish, to tailoring the chemical activity of catalysts in the exhaust system.

A widely used technique for surface chemical analysis is X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). In our 30-minute Webinar we examine the XPS technique and explains its complementary nature to other materials science tools such as EDS and Raman spectroscopy.

The Webinar also explores the information obtained by XPS, using examples from a broad range of automotive applications including paint coating defects, lithium-ion battery analysis, and metallurgical failures.

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.



Dr. Tim Nunney, Ph.D., Product Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Tim Nunney is Product Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Tim has spent the last 12 years with Thermo Fisher Scientific in many product and application roles. As a Product Manager, his responsibilities include marketing, sales, training, and product development as well as applications support. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Liverpool in surface science.


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International

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