Into the Labyrinth: The Basics of Bearing Seals

10-Minute Tech Talk

Available On-Demand until September 15, 2017

By keeping lubricants in and contamination out, bearing seals play a crucial role in maximizing machine performance and minimizing downtime. This Tech Talk provides insight into the field of seal development and design, while examining how material and geometrical optimizations are implemented to enable the best possible performance for different applications.

In this 10-minute presentation, viewers will gain an initial understanding of the effects of seal failure and why it is critical to maintain proper seal function. Many of the pros and cons of each seal configuration will be explained, with a particular focus on lip contact orientation. Heat treatment, material, and coating options that can extend bearing service life in the event of seal breach will also be discussed.


Travis Little, Industry Manager – Off-Highway, Schaeffler Group USA Inc.

Travis Little is responsible for Schaeffler’s off-highway application engineering team in North America. His professional areas of focus include bearing design, systems analysis, and coordination of new product prototyping and launches. Travis holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from North Carolina State University.


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International

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