New Polyurethane Pourable Flooring and Sealing Technology for Commercial Vehicles

On Demand Available until September 21, 2017

The wear and tear experienced by school buses, city buses, and other commercial vehicles requires advanced solutions to improve durability and safety. This free 30-minute Webinar covers the manufacturing and service requirements of commercial vehicle flooring systems and introduces a new, easy-to-apply flooring and sealing technology. The technology can eliminate side wall moldings and sealers as well as center aisle aluminum extrusions. Quick cure times allow for rapid manufacturing cycles.

The Webinar also discusses flooring solutions from both the manufacturer and supplier perspective. In addition, participants will learn about the benefits of BETAFLOOR™ pourable flooring and sealing technology, a customized two-part polyurethane technology that provides manufacturers and service providers a durable and long-lasting flooring system for painted surfaces, plywood, and metal.

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.

Frank Billotto, Commercial Transportation Industry Manager, Dow Automotive Systems

Frank Billotto is the Industry Manager for Commercial Transportation at Dow Automotive Systems responsible for top-line growth in commercial transportation market segments globally. He also manages the adhesives business for OEM, aftermarket, and specialty applications. Frank began his career at Dow with Essex Specialty Products in 1993. His past roles include management of global R&D in polyurethane foams for automotive cavity filling and new business development for strategic growth initiatives. He is a recipient of the Dow Chemical Development Scientist Organization Cramer Award for structural polyurethane foams used for automotive crashworthiness and a certified Six Sigma project leader. He has a master’s degree in polymer chemistry from the University of Detroit Mercy Polymer Institute and has been awarded several patents.

Dan Daley, Senior Consultant, ChemQuest Group

Dan Daley is Senior Consultant for The ChemQuest Group Inc. He provides clients with insight into vehicle materials that are in use and under development, performance standards, buying factors, process optimization targets, unmet market needs, and the rationale for those decisions from an OEM perspective. Dan held various senior polymeric materials engineering and lab management positions during his 30-year career at Navistar International, a truck and engine OEM. His technical leadership included problem-solving in material compatibility and chemical interactions with an eye toward process optimization, improvements in material performance/cost ratios, and strategic sourcing. He earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Villanova University and an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International

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