Thermal Management: Heat Pipes, HiKTM Plates, and Vapor Chambers – Selection and Modeling

Available On Demand until August 10, 2017

Heat pipes, high conductivity (HiK™) plates, and vapor chambers are two phase technologies that are often considered for electronics cooling.  All three devices rely on the very high evaporation and condensation coefficients of two phase fluids to reduce the ΔT between the source and the sink for a given power.  When properly engineered for power and mission duration, all of these devices provide passive, reliable cooling.

This webinar will provide engineers with an understanding of the fundamental parameters for all three devices, including operating principles, thermal performance, thermal conductivity, weight, and cost.  Selection criteria will also be presented to help select the optimum device for your specific application.  Finally, methods for modeling will be discussed, both quick modeling to determine suitability, as well as more accurate modeling for detailed design.

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Pete Ritt, VP, Sales and Marketing, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Pete Ritt is Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Advanced Cooling Technologies,Inc.  Mr. Ritt joined ACT in 2010 to head ACT’s Technical Services business.  During this time the group has successfully provided thermal consulting, design and prototyping solutions to commercial customers in the lighting, renewable energy, industrial equipment,medical industries.  Throughout his career Mr. Ritt has successfully managed numerous new technology projects in a variety of industries.  He is a former RCA executive where he was responsible for developing technologies and products for commercialization in the consumer electronics industry. He also commercialized household goods products while an executive at Woodstream Corp.  He has been granted over 20 patents and holds degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Shippensburg University.

Devin Pellicone, Lead Engineer, Special Products, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Devin Pellicone is the Lead Engineer of Special Projects at Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. He has over 7 years of experience developing advanced thermal solutions for a wide range of aerospace, military, and commercial applications. He has a Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University with a concentration in thermofluid systems. Mr. Pellicone has extensive experience developing both active and passive solutions for challenging electronics cooling applications with a particular expertise in evaporative solutions. He has successfully demonstrated prototype thermal management systems for directed energy weapons (DEW), power flow controllers,laser diodes, and a variety of high heat flux electronic applications. He has been awarded numerous research grants to develop pumped two-phase flow solutions and has published several papers on the topic.

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