Predict Internal-Combustion Engine Performance and Emissions with Confidence

Available On Demand Until June 22, 2017

Designing new high-efficiency, low-emissions IC engines presents technical challenges that are often dominated by the chemical kinetics that occur during combustion. Consequently, simulations of combustion for enhanced engine designs need accurate fuel-combustion chemistry and combustion models.

This 60-minute Webinar will focus on two main technology and solution areas, illustrated with real-world use cases:

1. Key elements that are essential in engine combustion CFD, including:

  • Mesh-independent spray, spark, and flame-propagation models
  • Comprehensive fuel models and detailed reaction mechanisms that are necessary to predict ignition, flame propagation, knocking and pollutant formation
  • Automatic meshing with on-the-fly refinement

2. Contrast the above with simplified and alternative approaches that typically require extensive model tuning and are not predictive

Webinar attendees will be invited to interact with the experts during a question-and-answer session.


Ellen Meeks, Ph.D., Director of Development, Reacting Flows, ANSYS Inc.

Ellen Meeks led product development and engineering services for more than 15 years at Reaction Design before joining the ANSYS team, including oversight of all major software releases, industry consortia, and several government-funded research projects. Previously, she was a researcher at Sandia National Laboratories in the areas of combustion, materials, and plasma processing; she was one of the principal developers of the CHEMKIN Software.

Laz Foley, Ph.D., Principal Engineer, ANSYS Inc.

Laz Foley has more than 17 years of experience in automotive powertrain modeling from 1D system code development to individual and integrated 3D multi-physics solutions including physics couplings and co-simulation. In the past 12 years at ANSYS, Laz has been involved in a wide variety of regional/global customer facing activities and solution/technology initiatives for the automotive powertrain industry.


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International

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