Engineering Today’s Electrocoats

Available On Demand Until May 24, 2017

Electrocoat technology protects millions of vehicles, and cathodic dip primers are used by all major automobile manufacturers worldwide. Award-winning lead-free, low-VOC, and high throwpower technologies are recognized as best-in-class materials, providing exceptional corrosion resistance, trouble-free operation, and optimal topcoat appearance.

Electrocoat technology continues to evolve to meet new demands, bringing innovative, cost-saving solutions to the automotive market. Electrocoats offer corrosion and chemical resistance, extending the life of automotive bodies, parts, and accessories. The electrocoating process yields a consistent high-performing coating with application benefits such as film uniformity and the ability to handle complex part configurations as well as economic and environmental advantages.

In this 60-minute webinar, speakers will review the latest in electrocoat technology and provide insights and solutions for some of the toughest challenges. Topics will include:

• Electrocoat market direction and drivers
• Expanding role and challenges for electrocoat technology
• New capabilities to meet industry lightweighting and sustainability challenges

Audience members will be able to ask questions during the Q&A.


Garry Grant, Manager, Substrate Protection Technology, PPG

Garry Grant is Manager, Substrate Protection Technology, at PPG. He is responsible for the development and approval of automotive electrocoat and pretreatment technologies and products for North America. His duties include interaction with product management and the Coatings Innovation Center for setting strategies, establishing research priorities, and providing analytical and field support for customers. While he started out as an electrocoat chemist on many early lead-free E-Coat development projects, Garry later spent several years as the Decorative Compact Process Technology Manager responsible for development and evaluation of PPG’s waterborne B1:B2 and 3C1B products for the automotive marketplace. Garry has a B.S. degree in chemistry from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana and has worked for PPG for 19 years.

Peter Votruba-Drzal, Research Manager, Electrocoat, Physical Chemistry & Insight, PPG

Since July 2015, Peter Votruba-Drzal has been Research Manager, Electrocoat, Physical Chemistry & Insight, at PPG’s Coatings Innovation Center. He is responsible for leading the automotive and industrial electrocoat R&D activities. His duties include developing new products and technologies, providing technical insight into the structure-property relationships that govern product performance, and supporting global development and customer initiatives. Peter has a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from Northwestern University and has worked for PPG for 10 years.


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International

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