Customer Experience: The Next Battlefield

Presented by:

Kaspar Roos, CEO, Aspire CCS
Rex Price, Director, Document Management Center of Excellence, Unum Group

Moderated by:
Allison Lloyd, Editor, DOCUMENT Strategy

Customer engagement is a term bubbling up everywhere. You know engagement is more than just transactions; it is about interactions. In fact, Gartner reports that 89% of companies will compete primarily on the basis of customer experience.

Excelling in customer engagement is a critical component to outperforming your competitors and delivering lifetime customer value, but how do you go about doing that? This is only more challenging when your customer base is changing—the baby boomer generation is being overtaken by digital natives known as millennials, Gen X, Y and Z—and soon, digital customers will be the norm.

Join former InfoTrends analyst and industry expert Kaspar Roos in this webinar to learn how you can use customer communications to provide a better customer experience and build deeper engagement with your customers. In addition, special guest Rex Price, director of the document management center of excellence at Unum Group, will share his story on how his company generates thousands of clear, personalized electronic and printed documents for the 20 million individuals and 175,000 businesses it represents while saving time and money.

Key points we’ll cover:
  • Key trends in customer engagement
  • Recommendations on how to deliver better customer engagement
  • Creating strong customer engagement through effective customer communications management


Kaspar Roos, CEO, Aspire CCS
Mr. Roos is the founder of Aspire CCS, a technology strategy firm specializing in customer communication transformations and customer engagement optimization. Before Aspire CCS, Mr. Roos was the global director of InfoTrends’ Production Software advisory service practice. During his time at InfoTrends, he helped leading technology providers and service providers understand the shifts in the customer communications and workflow markets by providing market research, insights and strategic consulting services.

Rex Price, Director, Document Management Center of Excellence, Unum Group
Mr. Price is the director of the Document Management Center of Excellence at Unum with responsibility for implementing a customer-centric communication strategy, while delivering on key strategic document-conversion programs. He is accountable for creation and implementation of the technical architecture roadmap for document management capabilities. In his 25 years at Unum, a Fortune 300 company, he has been responsible for helping to establish a Quality Assurance Testing Center of Excellence, Project Management Office, Records and Imaging Center of Excellence and Document Management Center of Excellence.
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