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Condenser Tube Cleaning: Essential for Reliable Power Generation

Tue, Apr 12, 2016 2:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60 Minutes

Maintaining clean condenser tubes is of vital importance for reliable, efficient power generation. Two major problems result from fouled tubes: (1) Loss of heat transfer, and (2) Under-deposit corrosion. Internal tube fouling acts as insulation, interfering with heat transfer and reducing the efficiency of steam condensing, resulting in a lower vacuum (higher pressure) and less efficient steam turbine operation. Under-deposit corrosion of tube material can result in through-wall leaks, bringing contaminants into the high purity steam condensate. These contaminants can cause significant damage to boiler tubing and steam turbine materials and can even lead to a forced shutdown.

In order for a plant to maintain peak generation capacity, measures to prevent fouling or remove deposits must be applied. Early identification of fouling characteristics and a fundamental knowledge of cleaning system capabilities are essential in determining the most effective cleaning technology. Unique circumstances may require innovative solutions. The common causes of condenser tube fouling and the practical application and innovation of cleaning technology are discussed. State-of-the-Art methods for off-line mechanical tube cleaning are presented, and their effects on tube condition examined.

What you will learn:
• Tube Fouling and Corrosion Mechanisms
• Types of Deposits and Their Effects
• Mechanical Cleaning Systems
• Frequency of Cleaning
• Economic Benefits

Who should attend:
• Plant Managers
• Operations Managers and Engineers
• Maintenance Managers and Engineers
• Chemists
• Outage Managers
• Performance Engineers

Hear from this expert:

Gary E. Fischer
National Sales Manager
Conco Services Corporation

Gary E. Fischer is the National Sales Manager for Conco Services Corporation located in Verona, PA. Gary manages a team of seven outside and two inside sales representatives and is responsible for all sales activities within the US Power Generation market. His interest in sales management, particularly technical sales, drew him to Conco in 2002 and during his 13 years with the company, sales have steadily grown to more than double.

Conco Services Corporation is the world leader in off-line mechanical tube cleaning. From power generation to polymers, alumina to refineries, Conco technicians have restored efficiency and reliability to over 150 million condenser and heat exchanger tubes worldwide. In addition to cleaning services, Conco is a leading provider of nondestructive testing services, including RFT, eddy current and tracer gas leak detection.

Before joining Conco, Gary worked in various markets ranging from construction to the software industry, most recently as the vice president of sales for Eutech Cybernetics. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and also an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Gary is a longstanding member of ASME. Previously its Program Coordinator, Gary is currently serving as the Chairman of ASME’s Heat Exchanger Committee. He is a frequent presenter at power shows and conferences on subjects relating to cleaning, eddy current testing and leak detection and has written several articles on those topics for trade magazines including POWER Magazine and Energy Tech.


Matt Grant

Matt Grant has been with Access Intelligence since 2006 and is currently Publisher for POWER magazine. Matt has been directly involved in the development of numerous e-media initiatives that derive from or enhance traditional media. Matt holds a BA from Texas A&M University.
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