Thursday, April 7, 2016
9:00am - 3:00pm ET

Staying Relevant with
Creativity & Forward Thinking

The word courage may not be a word often associated with creativity, but think about it. To foresee change and anticipate its impact, and then embark upon the creative path less traveled, when others embrace the status quo, takes courage. No matter what the task at hand, creativity - to see what others don’t - is what drives great innovation. Carol Whitworth knows all about that.


The Communications Media Management Association (CMMA) is the premier professional organization for people who manage the creation, distribution and utilization of communications media for corporations, nonprofits, government agencies and educational institutions. CMMA’s core purpose is to promote professional development through the sharing of ideas, experience and media technology.

Carol Whitworth is the Founder and Inspiration & Innovation Director for HOME, an employee experience and internal communications agency based in London, UK. Carol brought her vision to life 30+ years ago when she saw a void in the market. She blends creativity, communications and fun to deliver relevant and meaningful communications for internal audiences. Finding this niche is a perfect example of courageous creativity and staying relevant in today’s world. We think you will agree too. So come join the conversation for what looks to be an interesting keynote indeed.

In addition, we will have a case study on Staying Relevant by Gary D’Alessandro from Merck. Gary will present on how he and his team were able to keep their in-house group alive and relevant for 20+ years; and how they evolved and embraced change. For the producer in all of us, we will hear from the team at Sony: Bob St. John, Alan Gagliardotto and Steve Sarafian, who will present a panel discussion on current video production technologies and issues. Come hear the professionals discuss trends like archival solutions and optical disc archives. This is surely something you won’t want to miss.

And finally, you won’t want to miss Curt Schwab, CEO of Blue Water, a digital ageny. Curt will present his ideas on digital convergence methodology. He has a unique approach to the user exerience in a multi-channel world. And Curt will review the convergence of media disciplines and leveraging data.

This CMMA webcast is being provided as part of the webcasting technology partnership between CMMA and TalkPoint.

TalkPoint is the industry leader in global communications technology, specializing in browser-based audio and video webcasting. Since 1998, TalkPoint’s easy-to-use, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud platform has facilitated more than 20,000 live webcasting events per year for the top Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies.
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