Symbolic Techniques for Model Code Optimization: FMI Applications
Available On-Demand Until Oct. 14, 2015

Since its inception, the FMI standard has proven to be invaluable in many projects that design engineers are involved in. It is becoming the primary method for model transfer and co-simulation, providing a smooth, error-free technique for design engineers to deliver their work without manual integration or resorting to other proprietary tools. At the same time, advanced symbolic technologies have emerged that provide extremely fast auto-generated code for the implementation of dynamic system models and enable advanced analysis applications. This 60-minute webcast will provide some insight into the symbolic techniques employed under the hood for dynamic system model formulation and optimized code generation. One application where the FMI standard has been used is the new dSPACE SCALEXIO platform for HIL testing. The session will conclude with a demonstration of the workflow for generating an FMU of an automatic transmission from MapleSim and implementing it in SCALEXIO to perform a full-vehicle real-time simulation. Webcast attendees will be invited to interact with the speakers during a Q&A segment.


Paul Goossens, Vice President, Engineering Solutions, Maplesoft

Paul Goossens is a mechanical engineer with more than 20 years of experience in both engineering and software business management. Previous positions included senior management positions for companies in engineering modeling solutions and high-performance real-time simulations. He has built a strong reputation as an expert in real-time applications, particularly in high-fidelity simulation of mechatronic systems for HIL applications, spending a good part of his career promoting model-based methodologies within the automotive industry.
Jace Allen, Lead Technical Specialist, Simulation and Test Systems, dSPACE Inc.

Jace Allen is an electrical engineer in systems engineering at dSPACE Inc., having designed and managed hundreds of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system implementations for various customers. In the past 25 years he has handled many diverse modeling, controls, and simulation test applications in the automotive, commercial vehicle, and aerospace areas. His background includes model and core product development for vehicle controls/testing, safety/security systems, and data management systems.


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International

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