3D Printing and Entrepreneurship

Live Presentation - Tuesday, August 19, 2014   2:00 PM ET

Innovation, by definition, requires blazing a new path. For Peppermint Energy, the upstart behind a breakthrough solar device, 3D printing helped make that path clear. In this webinar, Peppermint CEO Brian Gramm and president Chris Maxwell share how prototyping with Fused Deposition Modeling helped them design a better product, avoid costly mistakes and shore up investments.

You will learn:
• How Peppermint Energy took a bright idea and turned it into a product with global 

• How 3D printing can reveal needed improvements and help avoid costly mistakes
• What a physical prototype can add to relationships with investors, vendors and clients

Who Should Attend:
• Entrepreneurs and inventors
• Product designers
• Design and manufacturing engineers


Brian Gramm
Peppermint Energy 

Brian Gramm, founder of Peppermint Energy, received an MBA at the University of Minnesota in corporate finance and entrepreneurial studies. Prior to founding Peppermint Energy, Brian started a financial consulting firm, Milo Belle Consultants, which he sold in 2010. Brian has been involved with several concept launches and assisted founders of businesses specializing in high tech, renewable energy and ecommerce. He currently serves as the CEO of Peppermint Energy.

Chris Maxwell
Peppermint Energy

Chris Maxwell, an MBA graduate of the University of South Dakota, is the president of Peppermint Energy, where his main roles involve business and market development, as well as serving as primary customer contact. Prior to working at Peppermint Energy, Chris worked as director of business and community development for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development in South Dakota.

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