Creating Traffic Incident Management Teams for Responder Safety

Wednesday August 27, 2014 | 1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 11:00 AM MT | 10:00 AM PT
One of the best ways to provide safety at the scene of roadway incidents doesn't happen at the scene. Multi-agency collaboration, communication and cooperation begins long before your units are even dispatched to a highway incident. Rather than exchanging business cards in the middle of the interstate at 3 a.m., your agency should be actively involved with a local or regional Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Team. This session will explain the benefits of TIM Teams and will provide examples of how various regions have improved responder safety and reduced incident clearance times through TIM Team activities.  

Presented by:
Jack Sullivan

Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan is a risk management consultant, trainer and a retired firefighter and line officer with 25 years of active service. Jack continues to work with national groups and committees dealing with traffic incident management and emergency responder safety and he conducts training classes and workshops about roadway incident safety. He currently serves on the National Committee for Uniform Traffic Control Devices as a member of the Temporary Traffic Control Committee and as the liaison for the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition. Jack is also a Principal Member of the NFPA 1091 Technical Committee on Traffic Control Incident Management Professional Qualifications.


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