Healthcare Robotics

Tue, Jul 22, 2014 11:01 AM EDT  

(Please note change in date)

Healthcare in the U.S. is approaching $4 trillion annually. To support, enhance, and mitigate the healthcare burdens, our healthcare system is witnessing robotic medical technology entering hospital surgical suites, in-patient rooms, in-home patient care, and uses with emergency services and vehicles.

Increasingly, this new unfolding healthcare scenario is looked upon both as a wellspring of new robotic care and healing innovations and also as a near bewildering array of complex medical devices needing careful integration into the healthcare system.

Robotics hold the promise of addressing major healthcare issues in surgery, diagnostics, prosthetics, physical and mental therapy, monitoring, and support. Where are the challenges and where are the advances being made?

Included in the webcast:

  • Market drivers for healthcare robotics
  • Overall market sizing
  • General challenges/opportunities
  • Overall investment/funding trends
  • Robotics technology supporting doctors and surgeons
  • Robotics technology patient-side support (from medical center to home)
  • Emmet Cole, Robotics Business Review Analyst
  • Per Bendixen, R&D Engineer, PiezoMotor
  • Antonio Espingardeiro, Social Assistive Robots and Assistive Technologies Expert
  • C. Andrew Keisner, Associate, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Davis & Gilbert LLP
  • Aldo Zini, CEO, Aethon
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