Robotics Solutions for the Warehouse and Distribution Center Operations

Tue, June 3, 2014 - 2PM EST

Corporate logistics and supply chain groups have adopted a wide range of automation technologies to improve the operational efficacy and efficiency in warehouses and distribution centers. Robotics technologies, technologies that “sense, think and act” (often autonomously), can be employed in warehouses and distribution centers to automate costly, dangerous and time consuming activities.

Moreover, these new robotic solutions provide companies with a high degree of flexibility, a capability lacking in many earlier forms of warehouse and distribution center automation. This comes at a time when flexibility is viewed by corporate management as a key strategic differentiator and business facilitator.

In this webinar, Dan Kara, Chief Research Officer for Myria Research, will describe how robotic automation is being applied to all operations within warehouses and distribution centers including Unloading, Unpacking , Depalletizing / Transportation / Sorting and Staging / Picking Operations / Palletizing / Packing / Loading.

During the session robotics solution providers and integrators will be highlighted and interviewed. Specific use cases will be discussed. ROI and other evaluation metrics will be provided where warranted.

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