The Rise of Vision Systems

Tue, Apr 29, 2014 3:02 PM EDT

Vision systems may well be one of robotics most defining accomplishments: a moment when the technology takes a quantum leap in making machines truly aware of their surroundings and of their actions.

Over the past three years, the number of vision system filings for U.S. patents has dramatically increased, and similarly, an increase in the number of new companies, new technologies and new applications in the vision system development space has taken place. Critical mass has arrived.

The Rise of Vision Systems webcast will focus on vision systems that are leading to new robotic capabilities to create a generation of robots that will intelligently react to changes because they understand the world around them. A generation of truly intelligent robots that are needed to complete complex everyday tasks while adapting to a constantly changing environment.

This webcast is produced in conjunction with Robotic Business Review's "The Rise of Vision Systems: Turning Point for Robotics" Research Report that's available to Premium Members. The report will be published on April 15.

  • Steve Crowe, Managing Editor, Robotics Business Review 
  • RBR Analyst Jim Nash:  - Overview of vision systems market: funding, trends, opportunities, market drivers, key players
  • Jeff Bier, founder, Embedded Vision Alliance:  - Technology of vision systems: components, capabilities/benefits, challenges, trends, examples of vision-enabled robots
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