Innovative Antimicrobial Resistant Polymers for Medical Devices

Previously recorded on - Thursday, May 29, 2014   2:00 PM ET

Secondary infections found in hospital environments are becoming an increasingly significant concern for patients, hospital administrators, and staff. Patient care can be negatively affected when a secondary infection caused by a variety of microorganisms commonly found in healthcare environments leads to health issues for a patient. With insurance companies no longer covering the expense for secondary infections, the cost to hospitals for the infections can lead to a negative return on their bottom line.

Evonik has introduced three new products that can resist the growth of bacteria which can be molded into medical devices that have 510(k) applications and have shown efficacy as tested per the JIS Z 2801 Protocol.

 Larry Gabriel, Business Development Manager, Evonik Cyro LLC

Larry is a 30-year veteran of Evonik, having worked in the sales and product development areas of the medical industry since the mid-1980s. Focusing his efforts in the medical device industry throughout his career, Larry works directly with Evonik's medical customer base in identifying the specific product requirements related to the development of Evonik's new line of antimicrobial products. 
 Dimo Dimov, Product Development Project Manager, Molding Compounds, Evonik Cyro LLC

Dimo has a BS degree in Chemical Engineering and PhD degree in Polymer Chemistry. Research interests are in physical organic chemistry, vinyl polymerization, and advanced acrylics for medical, optical and specialty applications.  

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