High-Speed Imaging: More Than Just Pretty Pictures

Previously recorded on - Wednesday, April 23, 2014   2:00 PM ET

We have all seen slow-motion replays in sports broadcast, as well as on TV commercials and popular YouTube channels. Myths have been debunked, water balloons popped, and bullets shot. Watching slow-motion replay of very fast phenomena has led to deeper scientific understanding and breakthrough discoveries. But, there is more to high-speed imaging that slow-motion playback. Camera systems can be integrated with data acquisition to allow the correlation of external measurements to visual feedback; motion analysis tools in playback software can use data in the image to calculate speed, acceleration, angles, and more. And, tracking points in a slow-motion playback can lead to additional visual insights.

In this Webinar, you'll learn about some of these tools and how they can be used to increase the utility of your high-speed camera.

 Frank Mazella, Learning Products Manager, Vision Research

Frank Mazella has been the Learning Products Manger for Vision Research in Wayne, N.J. since 2002. Vision Research is a worldwide leader in the high speed digital imaging systems, and their Phantom cameras have continually been on the leading edge of high-speed imaging technology.

Prior to joining Vision Research, Frank worked for a variety of data communications companies as a training manager developing diverse data communications courses for more than 30 years. Frank has an Associate Degree in Computer Systems Technology, along with a host of certifications from various companies.  

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