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Infiniti Red Bull Racing and High-Performance Simulation
Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 12 p.m. U.S. EDT
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In this one-time-only webcast, Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s Nathan Sykes and Al Peasland provide a behind-the-scenes explanation of how the team's Innovation Partnership with ANSYS plays a critical role in enabling high-quality, high-performance simulations in the design stage – and contributes to continued success on track. Infiniti Red Bull Racing is the current Formula One World Champion, winning Driver and Constructor titles in the past four consecutive years. This achievement was possible because of the dedication and commitment of a highly skilled team, which leveraged the latest in engineering technology and systems integration. Join us for this one-hour presentation in which Infiniti Red Bull Racing will discuss the use of ANSYS simulation in their aerodynamics work, the use of HPC, and an overview of their automated work flow. Webcast attendees will be invited to interact with the experts during a question-and-answer segment.

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Al Peasland, Head of Technical Partnerships, Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Al Peasland, Head of Technical Partnerships for Infiniti Red Bull Racing at the Formula One operation, has been with the team for seven years. He initially joined the group as Head of CAD/PLM. Al is a chartered engineer and has an extensive aerospace and automotive transmission engineering background. He also has 20-plus years of experience with 3-D CAD and CAM tools and respective data management systems. A short stint as a CAD consultant and trainer enabled Al to transition from a design engineer into a PLM administrator and manager, which has ultimately enabled him to take on the challenging world of Formula One Technical Management.


  Nathan Sykes, Team Leader for CFD and FEA, Infiniti Red Bull Racing 

Nathan Sykes is Team Leader for CFD and FEA tools group, part of the Aerodynamics and Design office for Infiniti Red Bull Racing. He has been with the team since its inception in 2005 and is a key member of the technical staff. Nathan has grown with the team and has been pivotal in the aggressive development of the CFD process. He also has worked for Jaguar Racing’s Formula One team as part of the Aerodynamics team, where he started the CFD department and worked closely with the wind tunnel teams. He holds a master’s of engineering from Loughborough University.


Mark Keating, Technical Account Manager, ANSYS U.K. 

Mark Keating is a Lead Engineer for ANSYS U.K. and has worked as Technical Account Manager for Infiniti Red Bull Racing for six years. He has been directly involved in developing the relationship between the racing team and ANSYS. A chartered engineer, Mark has 20 years of engineering experience. In his current role at ANSYS, he works in Technical Account Management, Technical Software Support, and Sales Support; he also advises Product Management and coordinates local and global marketing activities.


Giovanni Petrone, Technical Account Manager, ANSYS 

Giovanni Petrone is part of the Automotive and Turbo CFD team at ANSYS Inc. and has been the Technical Account Manager for Infiniti Red Bull Racing since 2013. He received a B.Sc. degree in aerospace engineering and a M.Sc. degree in aerospace and astro engineering from the University of Naples, Federico II, an MBA from the LUISS Business School of Rome and ESSEC Business School of Paris, and a Ph.D. from Stanford University and University of Naples, Federico II, after being at NASA Center for Turbulence Research. Giovanni has 7 years of engineering experience. In his current role, he also influences the development of ANSYS optimization products.



Lisa Arrigo, SAE International

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