Composite Bearings Eliminate Your Warranty Responsibilities

Previously recorded on - Thursday, April 3, 2014   2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Our goal: To present the design engineering properties of PolyLube® composite bearings and our recommendations for implementation into your applications.

This one-hour session is a technical introduction to the product with a strong focus on hard engineering data. The “fluff” has been extracted, as much as marketing will allow. A generous question and answer session is included.

Our claim: PolyLube bearings are designed to permanently remove the need for grease. This results in removing the responsibility of your customer to manage your warranty dollars. You will also see a reduction in cost per joint by eliminating things such as factory greasing, zerks, grease channels, and other machining.

Our bearings are currently being utilized in applications such as bulldozers, backhoes, seeders, planters, cultivators, valves, and aerials. There are joints in your machine that are great fits. It is also important to us to inform you of the applications that this technology is not yet ready to tackle.

Contamination is always a question with dirty applications. We will discuss specific contamination environments to allow the comparisons to your applications. Wear data will be presented to allow correlation to specific applications and life targets.

Self-Lubricating bearing technology has changed over the years; please take this opportunity to learn how PolyLube composite bearings differ from other materials you may have tested in the past.


  Herb Burnell, Senior Applications Engineer, PolyLube Bearings 

Herb Burnell is the Senior Applications engineer for PolyLube bearings and brings his fourteen years of composite engineering experience to bear on solving application issues.

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