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BP’s Insider Insights webcast series will focus on BP’s Refining and Marketing (R&M) division, providing an overview of the organization and BP’s fuels value chains. The series will expose recent major projects, uncover BP’s approach to safety excellence, offer views on the current downstream market and specially look at the opportunities for women within the sector.

BP Insider Insights - Webcast series 2014

A focus on the US; major project insight - Whiting Refinery

Speaker:  Michelle D. Layman – Area Operations Manager, Whiting Refinery, BP

In the second of BP’s Refining & Marketing (R&M) webcast series, Michelle Layman will focus on BP’s downstream activities in the U.S.

Michelle will speak about her experiences working at the Whiting Refinery and the on-going Whiting modernization project.

Additionally, Michelle will provide her views on the current downstream market, future demand, industry trends and the changing face of crudes, sourcing and subsequent configuration changes.

A focus on BP's global portfolio; working and delivering major projects and career insights

Speaker: Judy Indorf – Technical Manager, Toledo Refinery, BP

In the last of BP’s Refining & Marketing (R&M) webcast series, Judy Indorf will give an insight into her career at BP, shed light on BP’s global portfolio and share her experiences working on and delivering some of BP’s most critical projects.

Judy will provide an overview of BP’s major downstream assets, across different refineries, products and locations, whilst explaining how BP’s downstream approach differs and why.

Additionally, Judy will provide insight into why BP remains an integrated oil and gas company and, based on her own experiences, how BP offers exciting career opportunities for women in the sector.

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