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How to design, certify and deploy multicore-based systems in safety-critical applications such as railway, avionics, automotive, medical and more.

Tue, Feb 18, 2014 9:02 AM PST/5:00pm CET

How to design, certify and deploy multicore based systems in safety-critical applications such as railway, avionics, automotive, medical and more.

Even though multicore architectures, processors and SoCs from vendors like ARM, Intel, Freescale, Qualcomm and others promise unheard of parallel processing potential, in mission- and safety-critical applications they are too often used as “single-core” processors due to concerns about code certification.  

But new operating systems with separation kernel hypervisors, new certification methods and safety-critical board standards are allowing the use of multicore processors and virtualization in mission- and safety-critical systems.

This webinar will examine software, methods and case study examples of COTS software and hardware that will unlock the potential of multicore devices so that all cores can be used. Industry experts will also describe ways to use multicore devices in mixed criticality systems where different certification levels are desired.

Examples using SYSGO's PikeOS and Kontron's Vital Computer boards with EN50128 SIL4 certification will be shown.



Stuart Fisher: Technical Marketing Director, SYSGO

Stuart Fisher currently holds the position of Technical Marketing Director at SYSGO AG and has been working in the real-time embedded industry for more than 20 years. Graduating in Electronic Engineering Mr Fisher initially worked in the communication industry on emerging technologies before moving into the Safety and Security arena involved in avionics and secure virtualisation platforms. Prior to SYSGO Stuart has held positions in software design, product management and marketing within the real-time embedded industry.

Vincent Chuffart: Portfolio Manager - Military, Avionic, Rail, Kontron 
Vincent has over 25 years experience in computer software and hardware development.  This includes various generations of embedded computers over four eras of silicon architectures. As ‘Embedded Computing Expert’ for the Thales group, he led various projects in the embedded domain then moved to product management for Thales Computers. He now leads the portfolio management for Kontron's Military Avionics and Rail business unit.

Moderator: Chris A. Ciufo, Editor-in-Chief, Embedded channels

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