Remove Sensitive Data from PCI Compliance Scope
for Apps Deployed in the Cloud: Featuring Forrester

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The PCI-DSS standard has mature guidelines and technical solutions such as tokenization and encryption to mask or remove data from compliance scope as it flows between front end POS and backend payment or CRM systems. However, as retailing apps and infrastructure get deployed in the cloud or involve sensitive data flows outside the firewall to partners or SaaS providers, the same regulations must be applied to avoid expensive fines. How can you control data protection for this environment much out of your control? How can you quickly and efficiently reduce compliance and auditing costs for this expanding usage mode?

During this webinar we will hear from Forrester’s expert data protection analyst John Kindervag and Intel architects on how to apply the best practices learned from on-prem PCI practices to the world of cloud. The speakers will explore the emerging drop-in gateway deployment pattern that effectively removes all apps from scope without any brute force encryption of data in each and every app. 

Join us to learn:

  • How retailers can gain full control over cloud environments to address auditing objectives
  • Various PCI-DSS best practices and tooling that can be directly applied to the cloud
  • How the solution pattern changes  when credit card and PII data flows touch applications hosted in the cloud
  • How to address the rapid growth of cloud-hosted APIs for data protection security

As a bonus webinar attendees will receive PCI ROI calculator and custom report from Intel.
John Kindervag
Vice President & Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Travis Broughton
IT Architect
Intel Corporation

Susan Reda
Who should attend:
PCI-DSS compliance officers, PCI Qualified Security Assessors, Merchants and other security professionals who are evaluating tokenization as a technology to reduce risk and minimize the cost of PCI-DSS compliance.

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