Eliminating Old Processes with New Mobility

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Pete Marston, Research Manager - Application Development, Testing, and Management Services, IDC
Tony Flynn, Sr. Director, Business Mobile Systems, Amtrak
Saurabh Chandratre, Executive Director, AT&T Product Management

Amtrak's tagline is "enjoy the journey," but for customers using the centuries-old paper-based ticketing system, they might miss the journey all together if they lost the hard copy or needed to make a last minute change to their schedule.

Eliminating paper with technology is a start, but Amtrak realized from the outset the need to mobilize and modernize for what's next also, so the company chose an end-to-end approach. The solution included: a MEAP, devices, wireless networking and MDM, enabling back-office connection to multiple systems, providing access to real-time info, and realizing improved onboard operations, safety, inventory management, revenue realization and workflow.

Hear from Tony Flynn, Sr. Director, Business Mobile Systems Amtrak, about his company's mobile journey from launch to  getting all aboard with adoption. He will also share how they built the business case and managed this huge change within this iconic organization.

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