Enhancing supply chain visibility:
Challenges and opportunities in today’s chemical industry

December 11, 2013
2:00 PM ET/ 1:00 PM CT

To stay competitive in a rapidly intensifying global economy, chemical
manufacturers must continuously innovate new offerings beyond reducing
the cost of inventory, improving cycle times, and enhancing visibility
throughout  the supply chain. Organizations also need to coordinate
production, packaging and pricing across the entire network, all while
matching planned execution, maximizing internal resources and complying
with government regulations. We know these are not easy tasks and
present real life challenges that you face every day in order to stay
compliant and profitable.                  

Companies that possess a stable technology platform, especially as customers and
suppliers consolidate at an increasing pace, will be able to meet these
day-to-day challenges. However, we understand that adopting any new
technology infrastructure can be an intimidating process, especially for
growing companies.                    

What if there was a simple, packaged solution to adopt that was tailored for
the chemicals industry based on over 30 years of experience? That is
exactly the SAP Chemical Company in a Box solution. With one package,
one contract and one vendor, your company can be ready to go live in as
few as four months regardless of the size of your IT staff.                  

Join us on Wednesday, December 11 at 2:00pm Eastern  to learn more about the
SAP Chemical Company in a Box solution, designed to reduce the
complexity, cost, effort and risk associated with implementing a
powerful ERP system. We have addressed the challenges of ERP
implementations for chemical companies by unveiling a solution that
allows customers to:

  • Instantly access  a standardized system featuring many ready-to-use business processes
  • Reduce risk through a scalable pricing model
  • Accelerate implementation time due to the use of a best practices industry template
  • Transform IT costs to an operating cost by utilizing one contract though an SAP partner


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