20 Tips for Taking Your Hiring, Training
and Scheduling to the Next Level:
The Latest Industry Stats  and
Real-World Results from Today’s Top Brands

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How do best-of-the-best brands hire, train and schedule great employees today? What can you do now to get — or keep — a competitive edge in 2014?

Steal these 20 tips to take your brand’s efficiency, compliance and customer satisfaction to the next level. Speakers from Freedom Valu Centers and PeopleMatter will share actionable advice you can use now -- taken straight from the latest industry stats and top retail brands -- that will help your business run better keep your customers happier.

Join us to learn:

  • The new must-have tools and best practices for finding the best candidates
  • How to make the most of scheduling in response to health care reform with features like hourly thresholds, target labor and mobile communication
  • How Freedom Valu Centers is driving serious ROI with an integrated HR platform

Rick Cagle
Vice President of Operations
Freedom Valu Centers

Nancy Sansom
Senior Vice President of Marketing

Susan Reda

Who should attend:
Retail and service industry businesses in HR, Operations and IT interested in learning about the latest industry stats and best practices for hiring, training and scheduling their employees.

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