Creating the Ultimate Retail Experience:
Research Shows How to Increase Customer Loyalty

Thu, Sep 26, 2013 2:02 PM EDT

As more dollars are spent online and consumers become savvier in product knowledge and comparison shopping, retailers must rethink their customer experience strategies

AchieveGlobal recently surveyed 2,500 consumers to gain insight into how retailers can capture more revenue through a good, consistent and well-executed customer experience.

Retail executives are invited to this webinar to hear AchieveGlobal’s Director of Retail Effectiveness, K.C. Blonski analyze the results of this consumer study, giving retailers strategies on how to deliver a unique, brand-driven customer experience that will set them apart from the competition and drive long-term loyalty.

By attending this webinar, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of online and in-store shopping opinions and behaviors and how they can impact the customer experience
  • Learn five reasons customers remain loyal to a retailer, and what is considered most important about the service they provide
  • See why consumers prefer to shop online vs. in-store (and vice versa) and how those factors should impact a multi-channel experience strategy
  • Hear about three retailers that deployed shopping experience improvement initiatives which resulted in: increased conversion rates, increased sales, higher employee engagement, and reduced turnover

Webinar attendees will receive a complimentary research report detailing the full research findings.

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Who should attend: Retail leaders, directors and executives responsible for driving the strategy, training, or success of delivering positive customer service and experiences in-store or online.

Speaker Bio: K.C. Blonski is the Director of Retail Business Partnerships for AchieveGlobal. He is an accomplished speaker and recognized thought leader in the field of Customer Experience Management and Leadership Development. K.C. works with organizations to assist in the analysis, development, and implementation of strategies that focus on branding the Customer Experience and has partnered with organizations such as Wendy’s, Coach, Wal-Mart, Quiksilver, Kroger, Hilton, Helmsley Hotels, and MGM-Mirage Resorts.

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