Truck Company Do’s and Don’ts with Jonathan Hall

An On-Demand Webcast Event

Join firefighter and fire instructor Jonathan Hall for his first Webcast on the myriad of truck company duties that need to occur prior to and during fire incidents. This webcast will examine duties such as: response area, equipment and size-up and forcible entry skills. Tactics for search and ladder operations are coupled with ventilation considerations. Even if your department does not operate a true truck company, attendees will learn how to couple these lessons with procedures and technology and ensure that they are performing to the best of their abilitiesl.


Jonathan HallJonathan Hall is currently a firefighter with the Saint Paul, MN, Fire Department. He previously served as a training and safety officer for the Township Fire Department in Eau Claire, WI. He is a certified fire instructor for the Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire. Jonathan frequently teaches firefighter survival and rapid intervention team concepts in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.


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