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Barry Hochfelder- Editor, Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Rory King- Director, IHS

Ken Klapproth- Product Design Director of Product Management, IHS


Managing the Information Tsunami
Benchmarking companies' ability to manage critical business information

Information is the lifeblood of any business and its supply chain. Yet companies today are challenged to manage the ever-increasing amount of "critical information" flowing in and out of their organizations, including standards, regulations, product data and technical specifications, and more. Different functions within an organization have divergent perspectives on which information is truly "critical" to the business, and companies across a supply chain also place varying values on disparate types of information.

This lack of a holistic view into the value of information creates roadblocks to the effective management of the data and information vital to a company's effective operations. These roadblocks, in turn, create a great risk to sales, operations, quality and more.

Join Supply & Demand Chain Executive and IHS in this live webcast that will unveil the results of a recent survey exploring these varying viewpoints and challenges, providing a benchmark for companies looking to improve the way they manage their information supply chain. Each speaker will discuss important findings from the survey and share practitioner insights that help:

  • Pinpoint the types of information viewed as most critical within organizations
  • Highlight the risks posed by poor management of critical business information
  • Benchmark companies' ability to manage different types of information
  • Identify the tools that companies use to obtain and manage information


Rory King - Director, IHS

Rory King is responsible for go-to-market strategy and product marketing for IHS offerings that address market initiatives in product lifecycle and supply chain management, as well as environmental health & safety and sustainability. King's efforts have earned more than ten individual and team-based awards in areas relating to supply chain excellence, environmental compliance and sustainability. These include receipt of company-based Excellence and Leadership Team Awards, industry recognition as a 'Supply Chain Pro to Know,' and key contributions among teams winning the Green Supply Chain Award and Supply Chain Top 100 Award honors.



Ken Klapproth - Product Design Director of Product Management, IHS

Ken Klapproth is the product design director of product management at IHS. With expertise in engineering and manufacturing particularly within capital intensive industries as well as broad experience in brining enterprise software solutions to market, Ken works with IHS customers to define and deliver the Product Design solution set. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Connecticut and started his career at Pratt & Whitney, where he developed components for commercial gas turbine propulsion systems, and was awarded two patents.


Barry Hochfelder - Editor, Supply & Demand Chain Executive Moderator

Barry Hochfelder is Editor of Supply & Demand Chain Executive (Cygnus Business Media), a leading business magazine providing original intelligence and decision-making information for senior corporate executives and other supply chain management professionals as they enable their companies' supply chains for competitive advantage. Hochfelder joined the magazine in January 2011 and is responsible for editorial content and production of the magazine and, the publication’s Website. He has 30 years experience in research, writing and editing, and he holds degrees from Kendall College and Arizona State University.


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